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You created a personal prayer for me last month when i was going through a health issue. The health issue has completely healed and I am full of abundant excellent health at this time. I truly believe your prayer created a miracle in my life and I am so truly grateful!

— Kristin

I treasure my personal prayer and I am continually amazed by it’s power. Each word is perfectly in tune with my soul. The first time I read it things started to happen. Everything I had asked Karen to include began to manifest in my life as if by magic with the added blessing of a deeper connection to my angels. Karen’s prayers are a precious gift touched by divine light and imbued with the highest vibration of love.

— Elizabeth Harper
color intuitive, psychic artist and author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires

My prayer is so beautiful and powerful. I can’t really describe the feelings I had when I first read it. A sense of light and my whole life came before me in a second. I had this feeling of how much fear I’ve had over the years, probably since childhood, and how this prayer is helping me to release it and learn to trust again.

— Maureen B.
More testimonials

One of my passions is to write prayers with the help of the divine to initiate healing, manifestation and miracles. Many who have read my book, “The Everything Guide to Angels” and who have received my prayers through weekly newsletters, tele-seminars or via social media have shared how helpful and powerful the prayers are. It gives them the opportunity to ask for help and surrender their fears and worries so divine intervention can take place and their prayers can be answered or divine guidance can be shown.

I would be honored to sit with your requests and call in the help of the divine to write you a “Personal Prayer”. If you are interested please email me your request with the following information:

  1. What would you like help with from the Divine?
  2. What do you want to let go of or heal?
  3. What do you want to feel as an end result?

After I receive this information with your requests I will sit in meditation and invoke divine guidance asking for any divine helpers who would like to assist you with your prayer and I will write your personal prayer with the intention for your highest and best better than you could ever imagine. Then I will send you your prayer in the format you choose (please see below a special introductory offer and different options to choose from).

Ways to work with your “Personal Prayer” after your receive it:

*Sit with your prayer in meditation and call upon divine guidance for help and support.
*Say your prayer before you go to sleep at night then pay attention to your dreams
*Keep it with you at all times and say it whenever you can
*Post it on your wallpaper of your computer
*Always pay attention to all messages, signs, synchronicities and coincidences that occur and if needed take action accordingly.

Here are the different offerings available for a written or spoken “Personal Prayer”:

In written format sent through email

In written format plus recorded on an mp3

I would be honored to create your Personal Prayer. Here is the link to purchase your request.