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101 Ways To Meet
Your Angels

by Karen Paolino

The Everything Guide
to Angels

by Karen Paolino

A 40 Day Online Program

by Karen Paolino

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What Would Love Do?

by Karen Paolino

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January 28, 2015
Who Am I? Where Am I Going?  ~A 4 Week Journey to Remember Your Souls Plan and Purpose ~
Heaven On Earth Pembroke, Ma

January 28, 2015
Snowbound Morning Meditation Class
Heaven on Earth, Pembroke

January 29, 2015
Who Am I? Where Am I Going? - Discovering Your Soul’s Plan & Purpose
Circles of Wisdom - Andover, MA

January 30, 2015
Heaven Is All Around Us
Heaven on Earth, Pembroke, MA

February 5, 2015
Writing from the Soul
Heaven on Earth, Pembroke, MA

February 7, 2015
Restore Your Divine Blueprint:  Look Beyond Your DNA
Heaven on Earth, Pembroke

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Angel Fair

Free Angel Meditation, Angel Readings and Reiki sessions $25 for 20 minutes
For registration details, visit the Angel Fair page.
These events are very busy and they will sell out so consider registering early!

Consultations with Karen:

Phone and Private Angel Readings

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Soul Entrainment

Life Coaching

Your Free Gift of an Angelic Attunement

Experience this powerful and healing guided meditation and receive an attunement so you can raise your vibration to create a deeper and clearer connection with the angelic realm.  Release your fears, ask for divine guidance and set your intention with the angels to experience more abundance, peace, joy, love and fulfillment.

I began to facilitate this meditation after reading about it in the book Commune with the Angels by Jane Howard. I was inspired to record this Angel Attunement after seeing and experiencing the power of its intention during both private healing sessions and group meditations. May you discover through this experience that you are truly never alone and that you are very, very loved. Enjoy!

To contact Jane Howard, the Author of Commune with your Angels and the Angel Attunement, please visit her website at

Your gift includes:
Angel Attunement Guided Meditation 22:26 minutes.

Karen Paolino Correia is the author of The Everything Guide to Angels (2009 Adams Media Publishing), 101 Ways to Meet Your Angels (2010 Adams Media Publishing) and What Would Love Do?, a channeled 40 day journey to transform your fears into miracles of love. As a teacher and intuitive Karen has been blessed with the opportunity to help thousands of people through her books, workshops, certification programs and private sessions. 

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